Stud Buddy Instant Shelves

It sure was fun while it lasted!

Harry invented - Got a patent - Sold in local stores - Dwight joined the fun - Started online store - We did the National Hardware Show (wow!) - Trademarked the name - Sold in a couple big catalogs - Filled orders from all over the US. Ended up with lots of fans.

Fun times with merch too. Stud Buddy is definitely memorable. For some folks the catchy double entendre name was cooler than the product. (Yup - our installation instructions were titled “How to have a well hung Stud Buddy”)

Sadly, the shelf idea just didn’t seem destined to work out long term. Shipping costs, business philosophy, captial requirements and very high manufacturing costs conspired to end our run.

Anybody interested in Stud Buddy merch? How about a super cool email address? You could be! (seriously - click here if you’d like your own Studbuddy email address. It’s in the works.)